Location: Rochdale

Services provided:

  • Consultancy
  • Lighting Design and Supply
  • Lighting Controls
  • Lighting Controls Commissioning

Rochdale Borough Council

Number One Riverside is a multi-use public building based on the heart of Rochdale housing Rochdale Borough Council amongst other civic offices.

Rather than replacing all the luminaires to improve efficiencies through the use of LED, NRG UK Group was tasked with finding a retro fit solution to minimise the CO2 footprint and minimise the waste often caused by disposing of old luminaires.

During our visits to the site, we designed retro-fit gear trays ensuring that fixing points lined up with the existing luminaire structure to minimise disruption caused by the installation and also ensuring that light levels were maintained whilst improving efficiencies.

These savings were then compounded by upgrading the lighting controls throughout the building are re-commissioning the entire system.

Our Clients

We have supplied our lighting and provided our expertise on a number of prestigious jobs with the following clients and projects: