TEC-MAR Lighting

Since 1992, TEC-MAR has offered a wide range of lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor applications, as part of the industrial, commercial, and urban space, designed and built with an awareness of the importance of a product that’s MADE IN ITALY.

The “High Performance Lighting” slogan, best describes our corporate mission, incorporating a perfect mix of tradition, modernity, high quality, creative contribution and broad usability of each product.

All this aspects make TEC-MAR a dynamic and growing company. We export to more than 30 countries in the world.

We provide a diverse range of products, satisfying the growing versatile lighting needs.

Research and Development

The TEC-MAR studio style, is characterised by constant research and development of new technologies, quality materials, enhanced production processes in accordance with latest trends in design and technology.
Our portfolio is constantly being improved to meet market demands and to comply with EU and international standards, simultaneously meeting basic safety, visual comfort, efficiency and energy saving requirements.
Each new device is thoroughly studied, designed and tested in our lighting laboratory before being certified by third-party organizations.


In our lighting laboratory the photometric data of each product is measured with a gonio digital photometer. Therefore a correct and realistic lighting design can be ensured.

A team of lighting designers at TEC-MAR provides customer support in terms of product choice within the specific requirements, software-assisted 2D and 3D lighting planning with an emphasis on isolux charts and the display of luminance and light uniformity.



Our entire production cycle is based at our facility near Milan/Italy (Lombardy).

High-skilled experts craft high-end lighting products within our portfolio, using the latest generation of advanced machinery (automated laser cutting, punching machines, semi-automatic bending machines, hydraulic presses and wiring robots).

From the selection of raw materials to acceptance tests, every stage of our production process is carefully realised at highest quality standards to ensure that all quality and design requirements of lighting excellence “Made in Italy” are met.

Our Clients

We have supplied our lighting and provided our expertise on a number of prestigious jobs with the following clients and projects: