Location: London

Services provided:

  • Consultancy
  • Lighting Design and Supply
  • IoT Lighting Controls
  • IoT Lighting Controls Commissioning

Sir Alexander Fleming Building

Located in the heart of the South Kensington campus, the SAF building has a conference, medical research and teaching facilities.

The open plan terraces combined with the sculpted roof provided a challenge when Imperial College requested that NRG UK Group help them increase the lighting across the five levels of terraces.

This proved a number of challenges due to the required location of the luminaires requiring an abseiling team for the installation.

Due to the difficulty in running new cabling for lighting controls, we decided to implement a wireless IoT system to provide daylight harvesting and to adjust the levels of the different luminaires to ensure that each level of terraces got the same level of illumination.

Our Clients

We have supplied our lighting and provided our expertise on a number of prestigious jobs with the following clients and projects: